Yeastar empowers your employees to work on the go and ensures reachability wherever you are with all the functionality that's inherent with the office phone system.

As businesses require mobility-based feature for further productivity, Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX starts SMB on that journey, offering mobility features that help businesses to get into the world of unified communications. With the free Linkus Mobile Client, S-Series VoIP PBX users can have their office extensions on the smartphones. Remote workers especially road warriors can make and receive calls at any time.


Linkus Mobile Client Benefits

  • In-office experience from anywhere
    Never miss a call when working away from the office, and reduce mobile voice charges with VoIP phone calls made through the company PBX.
  • One number reach
    Everyone will have a single identity with one phone number, voice mailbox, and extension without giving their personal phone number away.
  • Better collobration
    Employees can work remotely and check the voicemail, call history, corporate directory on Linkus like they would have at the office . Also see whether a colleague is available for a call in the extension list.

Other Key Mobility Features

  • Seamlessly route calls between the office desk phones to users' smartphones whenever and wherever you are.
  • Call control through the mobile client to determine if and when calls are transferred to users' smartphones. Users have the ability to turn off business calls when unavailable.
  • Enjoy the most frequently used S-Series PBX features, like SMS, call transfer, three-way conferencing, etc.

Mobility Solution Highlights

  • Road warriors can simply enjoy mobility features on the road and make calls through the company PBX without incurring long-distance tolls as deploying their smartphones as a regular extension on S-Series VoIP PBX.
  • Allow mobile users to access the same tools as those in the office, like Call Forwarding, Conferencing and other features that makes communication efficient, regardless of geographical locations.
  • Handle your business calls forwarded from the office system anytime and anywhere. No more missed important calls and keep you connected.