A Indoor Outdoor paging speaker for use with digital SIP phone Systems

This Paging Speaker is Great For:

  • IP voice paging, in or outdoors, for a warehouse, factory, school gymnasium or playground, car lot, or campus environment, etc.
  • IP loud ringer for high noise environments or where employees are wearing hearing protection (e.g., machine shop, garage, manufacturing plant, utility, farm, etc.)
  • Multicast wide area emergency, safety and security notification alerts (e.g., lockdown, evacuation, reverse evacuation, medical emergency, safety alert, etc.)
  • OSHA compliance
  • Scheduled or automated announcements. Using the Algo 8301 to multicast, announcements/tones can be played over any model of Algo IP speaker. For example, school (i.e., class changes, recess, etc.) or workplace shift changes, breaks, etc

The Algo 8186 Paging Horn Speaker is available from our online store at www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca

We think this is one of the best SIP products around. Its loud, easy to install, durable and has lots of easy to use features. What sends it over the top is the talk back feature which allows two way conversations over this paging speaker.

Algo 8186 SIP Horn Speaker Feature Overview

The Algo 8186 SIP Horn Speaker is an outdoor rated PoE endpoint supporting Wideband G.722 HD voice. The speaker is designed for voice paging, loud ringing and emergency/safety/security notification

This speaker runs in 3 modes of Paging, two way intercom and as an external ringer for an existing phone extension. It also supports Multicast paging. There is a special Master/Slave mode where multiples of the Algo paging speakers can be chained together to create a large enterprise wide paging system.