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Phone systems have three components:

  1. The PBX (Private Branch eXchange),
  2. The desk phone, and
  3. The powered infrastructure switch.

Our Yeastar bundles include Yeastar PBXs of different capacities. With the PBX we've included the high value Yealink T27g desk phone and a starter switch which provides power to the phones and connects them to the PBX.

Here is the equipment we've found to be reliable, easy to setup and provide excellent value.

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Recommended Yeastar Phone Systems

The Phone System is Based on the Number of Phones in Your Office

Recommended Office Desk Phones

We recommend Yealink desk phones because they provide excellent value and are very reliable. When purchased with the phone system, we include significantly reduced pricing. Pricing and our online store can be found at

Office Phones and More

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Recommended Powered Network Switches

Network switches are an important part of a phone system. Although any switch will do, we recommend "Smart" switches that have a web interface, VLan capability and particularily PoE support to power the phones centrally via the phone cable. In particular we recommend the TP-Link brand for its value and reliability.

Powered network switches come in different sizes based on the number of phones you need. Standard office computers can also be connected to these switch provided that your phone network also provides facilities like the internet for your computers.

Powered Network Switch

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Additional paging equipment, visual ringer indicators and other accessories are available on the web store or by contacting HELIA directly.

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