The best value desk phone available. This is a great desk phone that performs well and has 8 programmable buttons for easy to use shortcuts.

This is our most common desk phone for offices. Its the workhorse. It provides high quality, high definition sound. The product looks and feels durable with a larger than normal handset that is more comfortable and sized appropriately for north americans.

Phone Buttons and Customizations

The buttons are obvious and easy to use. The screen is large and high contrast making it easy to read. There are 8 programmable buttons and 4 context sensitive buttons surrounding the screen. The 4 context sensitive buttons change based on your call and including features like transfer, end call and dial. The 8 programmable buttons are your choice. Often we place 2-4 buttons as line keys and use the remain buttons for speed dial, BLF intercom, park and page.

Yealink T27g Accessories

The Yealink T27g accepts additional side car expansions with the Yealink Exp20 Expansion Module. This adds 20 extra programmable buttons to your phone and multiple modules can be added. This allows the T27g to become a useful phone for a power user or reception phone.

Headsets and the Yealink T27g

The T27g has a dedicated headset port. We are big headset fans and recommend headsets. They make it more comfortable for longer phone calls and allow both your hands to be free to take notes or otherwise use your keyboard. Both a wired headset or wireless headsets are available and can be found on our online store at Wireless headsets are particularily nice. A typical commercial grade DECT headset has a range of 330ft which allows for full roaming of your office and in a small office, even outside. Wireless headsets release you from the wires of your desk and allow you to be more productive with time.

The Yealink T27g deskphone is available on our online store at: