The best value high performance commercial cordless phone available.

We've been delivering phones for over 10 years now. In that time we've seen generational improvement in cordless phones for the office. The Yealink W56p is the best available for small office. (There are enterprise cordless phones available but at 10 times to 100 times the cost). The W56p provides excellent value, reliable performance and is easy to use. With a range of 330ft it covers broad areas sufficient for small offices. There are Repeaters available to extend this distance. The large color display is very legible and easy to read. A directory is available for easy look up of contacts and dialing. And there is a dedicated transfer button. This make it obvious and easy to transfer a call to another user.

Built in Speakerphone

The built in speakerphone is loud and clear and while we don't recommend it for conference calls, it make it easy to share a conversation on the go. There is a headset jack built in so that you can easily use it when you need both hands free.

This cordless phone comes with a convenient belt clip and while belt clips are not for everyone, it makes this phone very convenient to clip and go.

The Expandable Base

The W52p base that comes with this kit will accept up to 5 handsets. This means that adding more handsets is less expensive and doesn't require mounting additional DECT access points. Additional handsets are available on our online store at

Heaset Jack

The W56h handset comes with a 3.5mm headset jack built in. This is the same type of jack found on your Android or iPhone and so you can take the headset that comes with your mobile phone and use it or get one of your choice from your local BestBuy.

USB Charging and Battery Life

At 400 hour standby and 30 hour talk time rated, the W56h has an excessively long battery life perfect for a busy office. USB charging is standard and the handset comes with a charging cradle that plugs into the supplied usb wall charge or any usb charging port on your computer or other convenient location.

Yealink W56p Accessories

The W56p has an outdoor range of 300ft. Indoors this is lower because of walls and other obstructions. The RT20U DECT repeater is available to practically double the range and providing an outdoor range up to 600ft. The repeater is easy to install and setup and though we don't list it on our online store, it is available from us directly.

A protective case is available to protect the handset from dirt and dust, scratches, and splashing liquid. For rough environments, we definately recommend it.

The Yealink W56P Cordless phone is available on our online store at