The Yeastar S-Series phone system provides some of the easiest configuration options available for phone system and practically all aspects of the Yeastar system can be upgraded. The Yeastar S-Series phone system has four base system models. Starting with the S20 model and progressing to the S300 model.


The Yeastar S20 Phone System

The Yeastar S20 phone system is a great match for most small business. Its 20 extension limit makes it a good choice for most SMB as this covers 90% of all businesses in Canada. The S20 base cabinet comes supports SIP or VoIP phone lines and digital SIP phones. There are two expansion ports that allow for the addition of Analog phone sets, analog phone lines or cellular lines.

The Yeastar S50 Phone System.

The Yeastar S50 contains all the features of the S20 but with support for up to 50 extensions. It provides two additional expansion ports for the same cards as the S20 and so can support up to 8 analog phone lines, 8 analog phone sets, cellular lines or a combination of each.

The Yeastar S100 Phone System

The Yeastar S100 provides a larger 19" cabinet that fits well into a equipment rack. It provides support for 100 extensions but has the option to install a special capacity card that extends extension capacity up to 200. The expansion card capacity has been doubled to take a total of 8 cards using the EXP08 daughter module. Optionally two digital T1 line cards can be used instead of the EXP08 daughter cards. Each digital T1 card supports up to 23 phone lines for a total of 46 lines.

The Yeastar S300 Phone System

The Yeastar S300 is the largest of the series and has the same sized cabinet as the S100. It provides support for 300 extensions and like the S100 allows for extension capacity upgrades with two cards allowing for an additional 100 and 200 extensions for a total of 500 extensions. In addition, 3 EXP08 daughter cards can be added for up to 12 cards supporting cellular, analog phone lines or analog phone sets. Instead of the EXP08 cards, the digital T1 line cards can be used for up to 3 cards or 69 lines.

The Yeastar TA, TG, and TE Gateways

Yeastar has provided a suite of gateways that can easily add capacity to any S-Series phone system. The Yeastar TA series gateways provide either Analog phone sets (FXS) or Analog phone line (FXO) capacity. The Yeastar TE series gateways provide digital T1 phone line capacity. The Yeastar TG series gateways provide cellular line capacity. These gateways are compatible with all of the Yeastar S-Series phone systems.

Easy to Upgrade Call Capacity

The D30 module is compatible with the S100 and S300 phone systems. The S100 allows for one D30 module and the S300 allows for two D30 modules to be added. Each D30 module allows for an additional 100 extensions and an additional 30 simultaneous call capacity. The D30 module is easy to install and is demonstrated in this youtube video.

Easy to Upgrade Phone Lines

A wide range of phone lines are compatible with the S-Series using the compatible modules. In addition the TA Series, TE Series and TG Series gateways can be used. The available modules include:

  • O2 Module - Supports two analog FXO phone lines.
  • B2 Module - Supports 2 BRI Digital phone lines
  • GSM Module - Supports one GSM cellular phone line
  • 3G Module - Supports one 3G cellular phone line
  • 4G Module - Supports one 4G cellular phone line.

Both the S100 and S300 phone systems support the EX30 T1 digital line card. The S100 supports up to 1 and the S300 supports up to 2. Each T1 supports up to 23 line (aka call capacity)

Easy to Upgrade Analog phone Support

The S-Series phone system allows for easy support of Analog phone sets. This can include analog cordless phones, analog hotel phones, fax machines and other devices. Yeastar provides the S2 module that allows for two analog devices to be attached. The S20 phone system allows up to two of these cards and the other S-Series models support more up to the S300 which allows up to 12 cards for 24 analog phone set ports.

When more analog phone set capacity is needed, the TA series gateways can be used. There are 5 FXS phone set models in the TA series gateway series ranging from the TA400 with 4 FXS ports to the TA3200 with 32 FXS ports.

Easy to Upgrade Storage

Storage capacity on the S-Series phone system is used for:

  • Call Recordings
  • System Logs
  • Voicemail
  • CDR call logs

Each of the S-Series models allows storage to be extended to a Windows computer on the same network. This makes storage virtually unlimited and easy to setup. The S300 also allows for a internal 2.5" hard drive to be added for storage. The S20 allows for a TF card for expansion and the S50, S100, and S300 all allow for SD cards. In addition the S100 and S300 allow for USB storage to be attached.

Easy to Extend Phone System Features

The Yeastar S-Series provides an App Center where additional functionality designed for the S-Series can be easily downloaded and installed. Current functionality include VPN Server, LDAP server, Auto Provisioning, Billing application, Hotel features and more.