The Yeastar S-Series phone system is a very easy to use and manage phone system. With any Windows or Mac, all you need is a web browser. All changes you ever want to make on the Yeastar S-Series phone system can be done with a web browser.

Whether its your employee's using the phone system or your local techie making changes, the Yeastar S-Series phone system is intuitive to use and understand.

The Easy to use Phone System - Add New Phones

Find out how to add phones with the Yeastar S-Series phone system. Simply and easily.

Easy to Transfer Calls

The Yeastar phone system makes it very easy to transfer calls. Once you're on a call, there is a button directly under the screen on your phone that says transfer. Simply press the transfer button then dial the extension or phone number you want to transfer the call to and press the tranfer button a second time.

Easy to Setup Conference Calls

There are a couple of easy ways to set up conference calls on the phone system. The first is to create a simple three way call. Simply put your first call on hold and choose the second line and place your second call and then then press the join button to connect the two calls together. You can do this with as many buttons as are available on your phone to make it a 4-way, 5-way or more call.

The Yeastar S-Series also includes a conference bridge. This allows internal extensions and outside caller to dial the conference bridge extension and join a common conference bridge. The conference bridge can have a passcode to restrict access or not, and allow callers to easily join.

Easy to Setup Voicemail and Company Greetings

The Yeastar S-Series has an easy to use web interface that makes it very easy to manage your phone system features including the company greeting menu (Auto Attendant) and voicemail. Users have the option to manage their voicemail greeting and other settings directly from the web interface but they can also simply change their voicemail settings from their phone - whichever they find easier.

Easy to Update Phones

Buttons on phones can be easily changed. Buttons on the phones are used for speed dial or shortcuts to transfer calls. The functions of the phones can be changed on the phone directly or can be made in the easy to use phone system web portal. Simply select the phone and choose what you want each button to do from a drop down menu. Its that easy.

Has a staff member changed and their phone name needs to be updated. Its easy. Just log in to the web management portal and select the extension from the list and type in the new name and other optional information like their cell phone number.

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