Pay once for your phone system! There is a trend in software and technology industries to move to a annual licening model where yearly payments are required to keep your software turned on. Not so with Yeastar. Pay once and your good forever.

The Yeastar S-Series phone system is a premise based system which means there is phone system box that you phsically place at your office premise and connect your phones to it. Once you pay for it and install it, there are no additional annual paymnets required.

No License Fees Phone System

Only pay for your normal phone lines - Nothing more!

How Much Do Phone SIP License Fees Cost?

SIP license are included with the S-Series. Many other phone system require payments when you want to add desk phone and extensions and then make these licenses annual which mean you'll need to pay again every year. Not so with Yeastar S-Series. Pay once and your done.

How Much Do Phone Line Licenses Cost?

The S-Series has a modular design that allows phone line technologies to be mixed and matched. This includes standards like SIP, FXO, T1 PRI, GSM, 3G and more. There are no license costs associated with adding 1 or more of these technoloy standards. There are interface cards that you will need to physically allow these lines from your phone company. The modules from Yeastar are well priced and a fraction of the cost from other providers. In addition to using Yeastar modules, you can use gateway modules from any other manufacturer to connect the lines. Yeastar allows you to use other brands for your phone system so you're not locked in and are ensure the best price always.

Call Center, Hotel Functionality and More

There are some advanced modules that you can buy with the Yeastar S-Series. These are one time purchases for your Yeastar and create special functionality for specific needs in companies. This functionality is used by very few companies and included separately to ensure the best price for the majority of companies that rely on the Yeastar S-Series.