For firms that rely on cellphone and SMS text, look no further than the Yeastar S-Series Phone System. The Yeastar S-Series is fully UC compliant and provides the full range of integration between your Rogers, Bell, Telus, Freedom and other Canadian cell phones providers and your business phone system.


Simultaneous Ring on Cell Phone

The Yeastar S-Series phone system provides unified communications and allows cell phones to be integrated. Enter in the cell phone number for each user's extension and then the user can easily select to

  • Ring their mobile phone at the same time as his desk phone
  • Ring their desk phone and when un-answered, ring their cell phone or
  • Ring their mobile phone immediately without ringing their office phone.

Configuration is very easy to configure.

Linkus Soft Phone Client

The Linkus soft phone is a high demand application among users. The Linkus soft phone is available for Microsoft Windows users but also for Android phones and iPhones. With the Linkus client you can make calls from your mobile phone as if it was an extension on the S-Series phone system. It holds the extension number assigned to the user and when the user places outbound calls, the caller ID will show the companies information and not the private information from your cell phone.

The Windows Linkus client is great for call centers and for highly mobile workers that work anywhere on their laptops. Simply pair your bluetooth headset with your laptop or use a wired usb headset. Make and receive high quality phone calls without the need for a deskphone, whereever you are.

Ring multiple cell phones

The Yeastar S-Series ring group features allow you to include multiple extensions with assigned mobile phone extensions so that calls ringing on desk phones is optional. Is your sales force or tech staff on the road? No problem, calls can still ring them all - all on their cellphones while on the road.

A Second Cell Phone Phone number

With the advent of Direct inbound dial (DID) numbers, each cell phone can have a second number assigned by the cell phone as a direct phone number and ring your soft client. This make it easy to keep your personal calls and business calls separate.

Use Cell Phone Lines on Your Phone System

One of the best parts of the Yeastar Phone System is its support for mobile phone lines from Telus Mobility, Rogers, Bell Mobility, Freedom Mobile or any other Canadian cell phone provider. Simply get a plan from your preferred mobile provider along with the sim card and insert the sim card into the optional mobile card in the S-Series. The modules are available for GSM, 3G and LTe. It makes a great option for routing calls when mobile is cheaper or when you need to include a cellular line as a backup and when VoIP is not an option.

Send and Receive SMS Text from your Phone System

Along with proving mobile phone line calling features, the Yeastar S-Series phone system can provide SMS texting features directly through the S-Series phone system. Send and receive texts from your desktop using the mobility features of the Yeastar S-Series phone system.

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