Samsung OfficeServ are cost effective phone systems. If you're looking for a reliable phone system with support that ensures your phones are always working, consider the Yeastar S-Series phone system. The Yeastar S-Series phone systems comes with up to a 5 year warranty. HELIA has been deploying Yeastar phone systems for 5 years and have very happy customers that continue to use their Yeastar phone system reliably.

The Yeastar S-Series comes in models that support 20 to 500 phones. Yeastar supports a range of phone lines including legacy analog lines from Telus, Sasktel, Shaw and Bell, PRI lines and Digital SIP and VoIP trunks. HELIA provides and supports reliable VoIP phone lines however some customers have had bad experiences with their IP based phone system and only consider the analog Telus lines reliable. Thats okay. The Yeastar phone system supports legacy phone lines and when your ready, Yeastar will support our commercial grade phone lines that save you money and provide more flexiblity.

Yeastar supports a broad range of phones for your phone system. We recommend Yealink phones because they are reliable, cost-effective and provide large screen, easy to use interfaces. Learn more about Yealink phones at

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