ShoreTel provides reliable enterprise grade phone systems for mid sized business at a cost. We recommend the Yeastar S-Series Phone system as a cost effective alternative. The Yeastar S-Series has hot-swap failover capabilities, up to a 5 year warranty and broad support of standards based phones. In addition, Yeastar does not use proprietary phones or standards so system support and replacement phones are extremely cost effective and readily available from any IP phone vendor.

No Proprietary Phones or Equipment Here

Yeastar provides support for the common standards based phones including phones from Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Snom, Aastra and more. This ensures you're never over-paying for proprietary phones and have a broad range of phones to choose from. Are you migrating from an existing system? Your phones may already be supported further reducing the costs associated with migrating to a Yeastar S-Series phone system.

Enterprise Grade Failover Support

All Yeastar S-Series phone systems provide Failover capabilities and are mission-critical-ready. Simply install two of the same S-Series system with the same firmware version and configure for failover. If a hardware or other failure causes the primary system to stop, the failover system will automatically take over and allow for business continuance.

A Price Leading Design for any Business

The Yeastar phone system has no additional annual licensing or maintenance fees. Helia is a Yeastar partner and does provide service and maintenance agreements for Yeastar system to ensure reliable operation.

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