For Daily Hotel Operations

Check out the Yeastar small hotel phone management functionality free for 30-days. Get full check-in, check-out, billing functionality, and more from the highly recommneded Mitel replacement phone system from Yeastar.

The Hotel edition of the Yeastar S-Series phone system empowers users to easily manage the booking and check-in and check-out of guests, check status of each room, offer mini-bar service, and run personalized billing reports, and more daily operational tasks in hotels and other hospitality environments. Improve property management productivity and enhance guest's experience with the powerful and affordable Hotel Edition.


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Navigate through the Web interface, an orderly hotel and a systematic control of the operations are within grasp.

Benefits for Small Hotels

  • Advanced hospitality applications combined with a rich set of telephony features.
  • Manage guest arrival, departure, booking, wake-up call etc. easily in the Web interface.
  • Built-in call accounting and flexible call rate settings.
  • Billing report with custom hotel information, room charges, call charges, and other expenses


  • 30-day trial
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Booking
  • Room groups
  • Group checkout
  • Room move
  • Hourly stay
  • Special pricing for holidays and weekends
  • Set tax percentage
  • Mini Bar
  • Post room status via the phone
  • Set Do Not Disturb
  • Wake-up calls
  • Room-to-room call
  • Room must be clean
  • Lock phone on check-out
  • Call rate
  • Billing report
  • Invoice printing
  • Guest list
  • Email template

Room List

Hotel App presents a front desk dashboard with a full list of hotel rooms that allows for unprecedented control of your guests' arrival, departure, room move, wake-up call, mini bar consumption, DND, room clean/dirty status, etc. Hotel receptionists can quickly and easily conduct all the necessary operations in one place.

Booking Management

A must-have feature for hotelier is to make room reservations for first time customers in the Booking List or repeated guests from Guest List. Once the booking has been made, the system will help you send an email reminder to the guest's email address.

Wake-up Call

Hotel staff can also schedule wake-up calls for the guests on the user-friendly interface upon guest arrival or anytime during their stay. Guests can also schedule their own wake-up calls on their room phones and cancel their own wake-up call schedule. Multiple wake-up calls can be set up for the same room.

Manage Rooms

Set up the type of a room, PST GST or hsT, and room rates. Go beyond a single room rate and configure different price for weekday, weekend, and holiday. If the hotel offers hourly stay service, just decide which types of room can be used as hourly room here.

Mini Bar

The hotel staff's mini bar operations are simplified in the Yeastar S-Series Hotel Edition. For mini bar inventory, it can be directly added in the Web interface, and each item will be associated with a unique ID, so the housekeeper or minibar attendant can report room status or mini bar consumption via the room's phone.

Call Accounting

The Yeastar S-Series Hotel Edition will automatically track phone calls and the hotel can set up flexible call rates to bill guests for phone usage, reduce telecommunication costs, and increase guest satisfaction.

Guest History

All past stays, current check-ins, and future reservations will be stored in the guest history. You can add, delete, import, and export guests profiles. In the Guest List, hotel staff can directly make reservation and check-in an old guest.

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