The Yeastar phone system delivers the reliability, stability and service you expect from your Telus phone lines. This phone system is a high value and low cost, easy-to-use phone system with one of the best warranties in the industry. Its designed for small business of 5 users up to enterprise with 500 users and all with an easy-to-maintain web-based admin interface.

Appreciate the Easy-to-use Office Phone System

Managing your phone system is no longer daunting and time-consuming. You have your telephone system under your full control.

  • The intuitive graphical Windows-like portal brings point-and-click configuration.
  • Convenient Phone Auto-Programming feature saves you time and gets it right every time.
  • Everything can be managed from anywhere with Telus internet and VPNs.

Your Choice of Telus Technologies and Features

The Yeastar S-Series is designed with Telus lines in mind

  • Rich external lines options include Telus land lines, BRI, T1 Digit lines, and even Telus Mobility cellular networks.
  • Concurrent calls and maximum users are expandable with modules.
  • App Center integrates features that you can add when you need them.
  • Expandable VoIP capability and analog phone connections

Play Safe and Expect Reliability

The Yeastar S-Series is protected from Internet hackers, computer viruses , eavesdrops, and delivers reliable enterprise-class real-time communications.

  • Defend agains malicious attack with built-in Firewall.
  • Includes TLS, SRTP, and HTTPS standards for better security.
  • Automatically monitors system status and behaviour and automatically notifies when abnormalities occur and blocks suspicious traffic.

The new S-Series raises the price performance bar and sets new standards. Designed with the small and medium sized enterprises in mind and supporting up to 500 users , the Yeastar S-Series delivers exceptional value, while delivering productivity and efficiency improvements to small and medium sized businesses.

The Yeastar S-Series phone system is powered by the latest processor technology, with industrial grade Freescale A9 Quad Core CPU chipset and Texas Instruments DSP voice processors. The all new S-Series is designed for the needs of today, and with the Yeastar unique modular design future proofs your investment choice.

Built upon the latest Asterisk 13 core and packed with new features, the Yeastar S-Series delivers greater productivity improvements for your business, and with no ongoing software subscription costs, ever. All this is backed up by the industry leading warranty policy; Yeastar S-Series delivers peace-of-mind.

Broad Phone Line Support with Modules

  • FXS Extensions Module
  • Land Line FXO Module
  • Land Line PSTN Fallback Module
  • BRI Digital Line Module
  • Telus Mobility GSM/CDMA/3G Module
  • DSP Module to easily expand capacity and extensions
  • Expansion Boards
  • EX08: 4 Module Slots and 8 interfaces
  • EX30: 1 T1/PRI Digital Line port

A modular design means you can decide which types of extensions and Telus lines you need in your telephone system.

The module magic does not end here; in Yeastar S-Series, SIP users and concurrent calls are also expandable with suitable modules, allowing your telephone system to truly grow with your business. Some features are also modular as they can be separately installed and uninstalled in App Center. Upgrade firmware when new features are added directly from the App Center.

Built with users in mind, Yeastar S-Series is ready to use right out of the box. The automated phone search and registration mechanism simplifies the installation process. Curious about configuration and maintenance? Everything is managed from a single portal using your web browser. The Yeastar S-Series introduces the sleek and intuitive Metro UI which allows users to configure PBX settings in a familiar Windows PC style with desktop, taskbar, minimize/maximize/close button and more. Its loaded with practical features beneficial for businesses without extra licensing fees, providing a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

Built-in Call Recording

All models of Yeastar S-Series support Automatic Call Recording to monitor the conversation for various purposes required by your business. All the recordings can be inquired, replayed, and managed by administrator or by permitted individuals on the Web GUI.

Multi Phone SIP Forking

Yeastar S-Series is able to support SIP forking feature and register one extension number to multiple SIP endpoints. With SIP forking, your desk phone ring and a softphone on your Telus Mobility phone and can ring at the same time, allowing you to take calls from either device.

AutoCLIP Boomerang Call Return

Never miss a returned call! The AutoCLIP feature will store information about outgoing calls in the AutoCLIP list and match a returned call with the original caller. In other words, when a person calls back, the call will be routed to the original extension automatically. Free the front desk from the hassles of constantly asking the who called who question.

Visual Status Call Monitor

Yeastar S-Series provides real-time graphical monitoring for PBX status like extensions, Telus phone lines, concurrent calls, and resources usage like CPU, memory, and Ethernet rate.

A Phone System for All Sizes of Business and All Telus Lines

The Small Office - The S20 Phone system

S20 is a stand-alone telephone system offering an unrivalled range of features to small business with less than 20 users. It supports 10 concurrent calls and various combinations of Telus phone lines including , Landlines, ISDN BRI Digital lines , and Telus Mobility GSM/CDMA/3G.

  • 20 Users
  • 10 Concurrent Calls
  • Up to 4 Telus Land Line FXO Ports
  • Up to 4 BRI Digital Line Ports
  • Up to 1 Telus Mobility GSM/CDMA/3G Channel

The Small Office under 50 phones - The S50 Phone System

The S50 is a compact and full-featured phone system that comes in a 19" 1U rack-mountable chassis. The advanced module-based S50 is capable of supporting Telus ISDN BRI, Telus land lines, and Telus Mobility GSM connectivity as well as digital SIP lines for up to 50 users.

  • 50 Users
  • 25 Concurrent Calls
  • Up to 8 Telus Land Line FXO Ports
  • Up to 8 BRI Digital Line Ports
  • Up to 4 Telus Mobility GSM/CDMA/3G Channels

The Mid-Sized Office - The S100 Phone System

The S100 is a cost-effective business communication system with a base configuration of 100 users and 30 concurrent calls and can scale up to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls. The S100 comes with support for analog ports, ISDN BRI, Digital T1/PRI, and Telus Mobility GSM networks.

  • 100 Users (expandable to 200)
  • 30 Concurrent Calls (expandable to 60)
  • Up to 16 Telus Land Line FXO Ports
  • Up to 16 BRI Digital Line Ports
  • Up to 6 Telus Mobility GSM/CDMA/3G Channels
  • Up to 2 Telus T1/PRI Digital Line Ports

The Enterprise - The S300 Phone System

The S300 phone system delivers enterprise-class telephony with a base configuration that supports 300 users. Expandable to 500 users, S300 grows with your business and supports up to 24 Telus land line analog ports, up to 24 BRI digital line ports, up to 3 T1/PRI digital line ports, and up to 6 Telus Mobility GSM channels.

  • 300 Users (expandable to 500)
  • 30 Concurrent Calls (expandable to 120)
  • Up to 24 Telus land line FXO Ports
  • Up to 24 BRI Digital Line Ports
  • Up to 6 Telus Mobility GSM/CDMA/3G Channels
  • Up to 3 Telus T1/PRI Digital LinePorts

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