With reliable Canadian partners, you can expect experienced, authorized and trained support staff for your new phone system. Yeastar is quickly becoming a common name and product leader for Phone Systems in Canada.

How can Yeastar produce the best valued phone system available?

  1. Yeastar uses commonly available phone software that has been available well before Yeastar was around. This means that support costs are lower both for you and for Yeastar and the cost of the phone system is likewise lower. Yeastar pragmatically does not re-invent the phone system but uses the stable, reliable and feature rich Asterisk phone system core.
  2. Yeastar uses a reusable modular system for phone lines that is common across all models. The Yeastar design has created line module calls for FXO analog lines, GSM cellular lines, T1 digital lines as well as BRI and FXS phone set adapters that common across all Yealink models. Very pragmatically, Yeastar has lower engineering costs, lower manufacturing costs, lower distribution costs and sales and support costs. This means more value and better costs for the customer.
  3. Yeastar phone system closets are mass produced with world wide distribution. These large production runs that are much higher than any other Asterisk based PBX means a much lower cost that performs well.
  4. As a third generation product from Yeastar is known for its quality but also the availability source from the "Factory of the World" China. Aside from the large production runs, Made in China means better quality and lower costs.

Best Value Phone System for Small Business in Canada

Find do-it-yourself bundles on our online store or have us professionally install.

Extensive user manuals and YouTube videos to train on all aspects of your Yeastar Phone System means that you can choose to use a authorized Yeastar support company or take care of of support and maintenance yourself

HELIA strongly recommends the Yeastar phone system and provide advanced support and configuration for Yeastar phone systems.

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